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It would be nice if the Rosalind account could be connected to is a site were players connect their challenge sites to track his/her progress. It would be nice for WeChall users to have their rosalind progress connected with their profile. Furthermore it might increase the vi...

переведите пожалуйста на русский, возможно тогда ваша аудитория увеличится в разы.

Here's an idea: Make the hint a bit more helpful. You can't possibly do a brute force attack on this problem within 5 minutes... I'm thinking about connecting GRIMM to this problem because it's the only implementation of the Hannenhalli-Pevzner algorithm that is available anywhere (which seems to be...

For every wrong answer, when answer is submitted, correct answer could be given to user for that particular data set so that he has one more sample to test his next attempt

I think it would be interesting and educative, to know what are the most used programming languages for solving problems on Rosalind. This could be as easy as adding a new select box to profile to allow users to select the language they use (most) for solving problems, and adding a new statistics pa...

Popular Questions

They disappeared.

I have solved problem 8 but your engine says that there is a mistake. I cannot see it because I've counted all 'C' and 'G' symbols by hands. I can send you dataset and my output

While working with rosalind is fun, it would be noce to be able to request test data and submit answers automatically from within solution code rather than via the web. It would be up to users to provide their own client code, but these could be shared within language communities or classes (it wou...

Problem 18 Answered

Are you sure that there is no error in problem 18? Because sample dataset contains only 3 'atg' triplets, but sample output contains 4 proteins which are started from 'M'

while creating k-mers the first one in normal lexicographic order would be AAAA. And it's present 3 times in the DNA. Although the first number in sample output is 4. Is it using different chars order, or I've missed something with problem specification?

Popular Issues

The confirmation email is not coming although I have done all the recommended steps... Is the mail server broken?

I don't get an activation email no matter what I try.

Can't register Pending

I have tried to register with my email twice, but have not received 'activate your account' email from Rosalind.

Could you please delete my account? I want to use a different account name, but could not find an obvious way to change it.

Dear Rosalind team! I tried to register on your website to try some challenges/problems yesterday. Unfortunately, I never got an email for account activation. The address is in my mail account's no-spam list and I tried three times to get the email. I also looked into the spam ...

Popular Praises

I'm pursuing a joint major in Computer Science and Biology (as my university doesn't offer Bioinformatics at the undergraduate level). I'm so happy to have come across this great learning tool. It makes me want to learn how to do these problems properly and more efficiently!

This is such a great place to learn bioinformatics. I'm having so much fun. The descriptions are simple and certainly not boring. I want to say thanks to everyone contributing to this site :-)

Great idea! Acknowledged

Love it.

Thank You! Pending

I've been looking for a website to learn programming for bioinformatics for so long! I have always been interested in bioinformatics but could never apply my programming knowledge to biology without seemingly delving into very complex topics fast. As a high-school student, I have been looking for a ...

Great job guys Acknowledged

Hi guys! I wanted to tell that I was very pleased with the site. It is done on a very high level and to be honest I was surprised that it was done by Russian developers, but at the same time I'm also very proud about the fact that we can do good things when we want to.

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