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ALPH -- minimising over edges, but edges don't change

The problem for Alignment-Based Phylogeny says that dH(T) is the sum of hamming distance over all the edges of the tree. The required return value asks for the minimum possible dH(T), but makes no mention of a reordered tree. If the tree structure is not changed, then the sum of hamming distances between the edges won't change (because the edges don't change). Further clarification of this problem (or the required return value) is needed, because I see no way I can get a dH(T) of 3 with edges TC, AG, and T-.
from David Eccles (gringer) · 4 years & 349 days ago · · 1 comment
sorry, I was confusing edges with leaves, carry on....
from anonymous · 4 years & 349 days ago · Flag as inappropriate
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