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Better autocompletion

Hey Rosalind team !
Here is a suggestion if you have the time to think about it: in the "solutions" sections, why not use a better code highlighter, one that would be language-specific and highlight all keywords, for instance "def" in Python ?
That would make it easier to understand, especially for the langages that we don't know.
Apart from that, like everyone else, I think you did a very very good job, The website is young and yet already near perfection.
from Tintin · 4 years & 319 days ago · · 1 answer
In your code block you can specify programming languge explicitly in the first line, e.g.

def f(): ...

We use CodeHilite for this feature, it tries its best to guess the language, but it's not always possible.
from Rosalind · 4 years & 317 days ago
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