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character encoding assumptione

It would be nice if you could state that DNA/RNA letters will always be ASCII and always use capitals. (It helps for optimization. These are also fun tests to figure out how optimially they can be solved, not just for the right answers.)
from Mike Julier · 4 years & 348 days ago · · 2 comments
It's already said in DNA problem that alphabet for DNA strings is {A, C, G, T}
from Aleksey Kladov · 4 years & 346 days ago · Flag as inappropriate
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yes, it does say that. It does not say how that alphabet is encoded. (Perhaps I'm being a pedantic computer engineer...) Maybe this all works fine in Python. Since I use C I am occasionally switching how the alphabet is encoded to make for more efficient algorithms. I now just assume that 'A' will always have the numeric value 65, and so on according to the ASCII encoding scheme. This makes sense for the problems I have solved so far but seems like it would be inefficient for larger problems or solving these same problems at larger scale.
from anonymous · 4 years & 343 days ago · Flag as inappropriate
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