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Counting word count/frequency for a dictionary

Is there a good resource for counting words in a list?
Or converting a list into a dictionary simply? (making each word the key, then getting frequency?)

I'm stuck on it, and stackoverflow is overcomplicated for this.
(Is there a resource i'm missing?)

from Dan Ofer · 4 years & 2 days ago · · 2 comments
Check out the Dictionay topic in Intro to Python. I got it to work when I manually created a list and ran it interactively, but the same code failed when I preloaded the sample data into an external file and read the file. The error msg pointed to a line of code, but the only difference was the source of the data and the data itself. I haven't run it yet with the same data from an external file. Very frustrating!
from anonymous · 3 years & 342 days ago · Flag as inappropriate
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Hi Dan, I just commented on your question and was listed as "anonymous". Tried to sign into the Rosalind Community to identify myself but couldn't.
Dave Taylor
from anonymous · 3 years & 342 days ago · Flag as inappropriate
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