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Dynamic programming

I really like how the alignment exercises build onto previous solutions, while getting more complex. However I think that the there are still some missing links at the beginning of dynamic programming. I myself already had heard of the principle of dynamic programming so it wasn't really hard to program it, but if I would never have come up with dynamic programming had I never heard from it. So, I would suggest some more exercises which allow the user to come up with the dynamic programming himself.
from Wouter saelens · 4 years & 277 days ago · · 3 comments
Thank you very much for your input! You are correct; the current learning curve on dynamic programming exercises is steep, an issue that we will work on in 2013.
from Rosalind · 4 years & 266 days ago · Flag as inappropriate
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it is still very steep!
from anonymous · 3 years & 66 days ago · Flag as inappropriate
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I highly recommend new users to check out:
for a clear explanation of dynamic programming.
from anonymous · 3 years & 65 days ago · Flag as inappropriate
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