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In one of the early problems we write a solution to read the FASTA format.

It would be useful (and encourage good practice/code reuse) to present later DNA strings in this format. Take CONS - "Given a collection of up to 10 DNA strings...". Why aren't we using FASTA, rather than creating a custom file reader for each problem?
from Martin · 4 years & 242 days ago · · 2 comments
And LCS - "A collection of k DNA strings (of length at most 1 kbp each; k≤100)." This surely should be presented to us in the FASTA format?
from Martin Denton · 4 years & 241 days ago · Flag as inappropriate
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Thank you for the suggestion! We are FASTA to number of problems now!
from Aleksey Kladov · 4 years & 230 days ago · Flag as inappropriate
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