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Improve Open Reading Frames problem description

The problem description is unclear in several ways:

1) Whether the reverse comlement of the DNA string should be considered for possible open reading frames

2) Whether the start codon's amino acid should be included in output

3) Whether any junk DNA would close an open reading frame, invalidate that bit of string, or be ignored

4) The bit of the expandable header "For example, ..." suggests that the 'read head' could start at 0, 1, or 2 positions after the beginning of the start codon.
from Alex French · 4 years & 352 days ago · · 1 comment
I don't know if the description was changed since this was submitted... I didn't have an issue with #1. #2 seems to be addressed by the Sample dataset/result but would be nice if it was stated explicitly. (Why include the 'M' if everything _always_ starts with 'M'?) #3 seemed like an irrelevant aside.
I completely agree with #4! I think the part that is missing is that how the 8 letters in the example are interpreted is completely dependent on how many base pairs there are between the start codon and the first letter of the example.
from anonymous · 4 years & 343 days ago · Flag as inappropriate
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