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Make Rosalind available open source and benefit from the community

Dear Rosalind team (if there is still a team),

the Rosalind platform is basically abandoned since 2012. I understand that funding ran out and people got new jobs, some of them at other universities or the private sector. However, there are still many people using the platform to learn programming and algorithm design with a focus on bioinformatics.

Is it possible to publish the source code (on Github, Bitbucket, whatever) and let the community help to develop the site and keep it up to date? This would help to remove bugs and improve the user experience (e.g. fix the bug with gmail addresses). The tasks themselves should of course only be published to a "selected circle" of users. I am pretty sure that there are enough (bio)informaticians out there who would love to spend some of their time to strengthen the Rosalind project. There would have to be someone (or a team) that accepts pull requests etc. and that updates the actual website. This work should not be underestimated! But still I hope that there is someone who is willing to spend some extra time on that. Maybe even some (crowd) funding could help, but that is a bit out of the focus of this request.

If the source code of the engine was published, other projects could also benefit from that. What about a physics or linguistics programming learning platform?

People might thing that this platform is outdated since there are now many learning platforms like Hackerrank or checkIO, where the user can enter the code directly into the browser and the server interprets/compiles the code and runs it. I think the fact that the programs have to be written, compiled/interpreted, and run on the own machine just is an extra plus for this platform. People learn how to run Python interpreters and (maybe) to organise their files.

I would myself be willing to support as much as I can any effort to publish the source code and to contribute with pull requests and suggestions.

from MathiasB · 166 days ago · · no answers or comments
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