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Multiple Issues

Failing because I couldn't set up my working environment fast after downloading the dataset is a disappointing way to start this thing.

Why add the stress anyway? Programming problems don't benefit from this kind of time pressure.

Then you made me wait before submitting my answer again. What's the point of adding frustration to something that's supposed to be educational?

You should just get rid of all the emphasis on wrong answers and failure. Either you're correct and you've succeeded, or you need to keep working.

And don't make me download a file if you can display the data in the browser. And why would you make me download the file again to answer it again?

And just now this feedback form was broken for me, because it doesn't inform you that a Rosalind account is insufficient for submitting feedback. My javascript console gave me a 500 internal server error. Eventually I figured out that I needed to log in with my Google account and ignore the misleading email field.

This is a bad user experience and a bad introduction to your site. At least put up a "Rosalind is in beta development" warning or something so we can know what to expect.

And the "share feedback" form still isn't working when I'm signed in to both your site and userrules...
from Stephen Boyd · 2 years & 191 days ago · · no answers or comments
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