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multiple test sets

We are given only one test case, it is bad, because there can be lots of corner cases. On GCJ there are multiple test sets, why don't you introduce similar? How do you expect to test corner and tricky cases at all? I know, it is not timus or topcoder, but still it can be a good aproach
from anon · 5 years & 33 days ago · · 2 comments
Good идея, thank you. We have similar dataset in , we'll add more. The main restriction now for us is filesize of dataset (users can't download gigabytes for every problem).
from Nikolay Vyahhi · 5 years & 33 days ago · Flag as inappropriate
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If so, may be it would be better to offer a small script (or binary), that generates a set of test data? ")
from anonymous · 5 years & 16 days ago · Flag as inappropriate
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