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Problem 18

Are you sure that there is no error in problem 18? Because sample dataset contains only 3 'atg' triplets, but sample output contains 4 proteins which are started from 'M'
from Vitaly · 5 years & 30 days ago · · 4 comments
Yes, we are sure. Sample dataset is correct.
from Nikolay Vyahhi · 5 years & 29 days ago · Flag as inappropriate
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The statement of this problem is not striclty correct. You should consider not only s, but also "reverse compement" of s (for some reason it is not stated explicitly).
from anonymous · 5 years & 28 days ago · Flag as inappropriate
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In the background at the top of the screen, it explains the six reading frames. If you read it you should see how there are more than three 'M's
from anonymous · 5 years & 27 days ago · Flag as inappropriate
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I had to guess a bit to solve this. It wasn't clear to me where those six frames were, so I tried some different ideas until I could reproduce the example solution. Once I had that, I still got an incorrect on my first submission, but at least I knew I had the right concept for the reading frames. Just one more little unrelated fix was needed to get the correct result for a test dataset.
from Sonia Keys · 5 years & 16 days ago · Flag as inappropriate
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