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I have just started using Rosalind and I believe it is a fantastic resource to learn and practice bioinformatics. So far, it's been great. However, there's one problem I wish to report.
My answer was twice rejected in the Rabbits and Recurrence Relations primarily because there was an L at the end of the value (which is automatically produced by Python for long integers). I suggest that a small note should be added in the problem set to help people in future to not make the mistake. (Or, conversely, accept the answer with an L). Thanks a lot.
from Ali · 4 years & 190 days ago · · 1 comment
That's odd, because (according to the description of this task) result should not be higher than 148277527396903091 (40 months, 5 pairs offsprings).
from Kubuś Garstka · 4 years & 184 days ago · Flag as inappropriate
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