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Rosalind team, YOU ROCK !!

This is simply awesome !!
I am a software project manager by profession and it's been quite some time since I have been kept away from the joy of "good" programming. But, as soon as Rosalind caught my attention, I cannot think of anything else ! literally !
It's been one week since I joined this community and I am so attached to it that I have already solved 36 problems.

Everything about this site is worthy of praise. For example:
1. The set of problems is well thought through and is a "tree" by itself, forming increasing levels of difficulty.
2. The most beautiful part is, no problem is out of context. Each problem is connected to a topic in bioinformatics, each topic is connected to each other and when joined together, the topics form bigger concepts showing the bigger picture. 3. For years, I have been in search of good bio-informatics books. However, either they are more focused toward biology than mathematics/algorithm, or the reverse or they are very difficult to understand. This is the place, where I finally found the right mixture and essence of all the aspects of the field of bioinformatics to get me started. All the bioinformatics topics are lucidly explained.
4. Website information and navigations are excellent. You can jump from any piece of information to virtually any other piece of information. For instance, from my account, you can go to any (solved or unsolved) problem, then to another related problem or related concept, to the container topic...etc...etc...
It's fun to even explore this site.

VERY WELL DONE. Keep doing the good work!
from Kajal · 3 years & 300 days ago · · no answers or comments
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