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Should Questions subsite be available before successfully solving problem?

I have a question about the Sample Output of a Rosalind problem, and I assume I'm interpreting the problem statement incorrectly. But it seems like the Questions subsite isn't availble until after I successfully solve the problem. Is this a browser issue on my end (FF 17.0.1) or is this intentional?
from Sarah TX · 4 years & 276 days ago · · 1 answer & 2 comments
intentional. The questions section is only available after you either submit 2 wrong answers or submit a correct answer.
from anonymous · 4 years & 276 days ago · Flag as inappropriate
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So I just have to submit an extra dummy answer? I understand the theory behind waiting for two wrong answers, but practically what's the difference between one wrong answer and two?
from anonymous · 4 years & 275 days ago · Flag as inappropriate
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One wrong answer may be occasional — it's better if you'll spend few more minutes to check your solution. While two wrong answers means you may need a help from community.
from Rosalind · 4 years & 268 days ago
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