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SUBS problem

I have a problem with this task. I have submitted one solution with sub-sequent occurrences and then another one with over-lapping occurrences, but apparently they are both wrong. I have tried it with regex and string-find which both have the same outcome. So I'm a little bit puzzled. Any hint is appreciated
from Michael · 4 years & 352 days ago · · 3 comments
RE's ony find non-overlapping substrings. I would suggets that the example inputs ad outputs be altered to include and example of an overlapping substring so that people find this out during testing rather than submission.
from anonymous · 4 years & 351 days ago · Flag as inappropriate
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A positive lookahead usually catches the over-lapping ones. Mine finds the one at 40 and 47 for example (and some more in the sample). And I get the same result when I run a brute force comparison looping over the string char by char comparing the substring. How odd.
from anonymous · 4 years & 351 days ago · Flag as inappropriate
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I figured out my mistake. My code was correct for the second attempt, however I used the sample from my first attempt and did not run it on the latest sample. So all is good. Thanks and sorry for the hassle. If someone could close this one here please? Michael
from Michael R · 4 years & 351 days ago · Flag as inappropriate
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